Collette Vacations

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<p>I&#39;m looking for opinions on this company, both pro and con.&nbsp; Quality of trips, guides and focus.&nbsp; We are repeat - very satisfied - travelers with both OAT and Odysseys.&nbsp; How would Collette compare?</p>

 Collette Vacations is more of a large-group type of company that likes to fill its busses.  But they have some interesting, specialized itineraries that are worth looking at.  I did Oberammergau with them in 2010 as  as it was a decent price (Oberammergau trips can be very expensive) and was bundled with a trip in Croatia.   We had excellent 5th and 6th row seats for the Passion Play and the hotels were well-located and very good.   The guide was good and pretty much everything was included. I don't recall having to pay for any optional tours.    Collette tours are different than OAT in:  size of group; has more "sightseeing" rather than "experiencing" and in terms of cost-per-day, probably less expensive.   If Collette tours has an unusual itinerary that you are interested in, you probably won't be disappointed.