Companies Offering Tours of Tibet

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Hi - I'm trying to find a tour of Tibet and I'm wondering if I should stay away from Chinese or Nepalese companies in general. Any thoughts? Thanks!

l went to China and Tibet a few years ago with 'Odyssey Unlimited', they did a good tour...l would recommend them.

I just about always book directly with in-country operators when arranging a private tour - this gives full control of the itinerary and hotel selection, I can ask real specific questions (like what kind of vehicle will be used) and it is easy to sort out the nitty-gritty details. I use companies recommended by friends, companies that have done local arrangements for group tours I’ve been on and from reviews in ITN Magazine. If you are interested in dealing with a company in Nepal, a really good company is:

Yeti Holidays (do not confuse with Yeti Travels, a much smaller company),

I was really impressed with them. They did the local arrangements for a trip I did with Overseas Adventure Travel and everything is top notch. It is part of a larger group that includes Yeti Airlines, the leading domestic airline in Nepal. They are Nepal’s largest inbound adventure travel operator and (according to their website) the largest tour operator for Tibet.

They offer Tibet itineraries including some interesting overland ones starting in Kathmandu.

If you are interested in contacting Yeti Holidays, I can give you the names of the managers.

I have used Worldview Tours (an ITN advertiser) for many trips to Asia. I have found them exceptional when it comes to itinerary, price and services. If I ever had a problem, I picked up the phone and called Nino directly and the issue was fixed immediately, no questions asked. My travel companion and I had a fabulous driver and guide in Tibet where we spent a few days in Llasa and then drove across Tibet to Mt. Everest Base Camp and then down into Nepal. We also actually started in Bhutan first and had again an outstanding driver and guide. I have also referred family to Nino and they have been very satisfied. I highly recommend WorldView Tours. (