Congo & DRC

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<p>i am&nbsp; planning a trip to the DRC and the Congo. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has traveled in&nbsp; this part of Africa. All suggestions &amp; advise will be appreciated.&nbsp; Cincoc</p>

I am going to Republic of Congo in August , with geographic expeditions...main focus is tracking gorillas

Please write about your experience there.  I want to track the gorillas also.

Geographic Expeditions  did an excellent job with this trip, no flaws.  There are two gorilla families and you have ttwo days of tracking. The camp is quite nice...we also stayed at another camp ,,where we saw forest elephants, african gray parrots, hyenas, birds galore and other things.  This is a glorious opportunity.  I arrived two days early to Brazzaville via Air France. I would recommend because the bush plane goes to camp only twice weekly, so you don't want to miss this.  You can cross the bridge to Kinshasa , DRC..just across the river .  I am not clear if you require visa.  I did not do this, just relaxed and prepared for active week.