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<p>Will be traveling to the Cotswolds in 2011. I will not have a car so would appreciate information on hotels or bed and breakfasts within walking distance of train stations in the region. </p>

I did a trip around the Cotswolds by public bus and it took exquisite timing but can be done. I found bus schedules online and put something together where I arrived by train, then took the local buses and did some walking to the Slaughter Villages.
But the best trip in the Cotswolds when not driving was a small van tour I took out of Bath that did get us to some of the more out of the way villages. The local public transit bus was full of senior citizens on a day trip from some retirement home so I was lucky to get a seat for the long drives to and from my train station stop connection.
I love this area but alas without a map I can't remember the names of the villages, but some were overly impacted with day trippers while the bus van tours really got us to some precious ones that were not on the easier to get to public circuit.

Dear Travel Centurian,
Thank you for your information regarding "car-less travel" around the Cotswolds. I did not know about the van tour from Bath and will look into that. In fact, I may plan to stay in Bath for awhile and make that my base for a period of time. The public bus timetable is something that I will also download. In addition, I plan to tour the Isle of Guernsey by public bus, using the local timetables that can be downloaded as well.

Regarding Guernsey: yes, it's easy to get around by public bus. All buses leave from a spot just a few blocks from the visitors' center (where you also can pick up timetables) and at the end of the main pedestrianized shopping street. The buses are inexpensive, and one route does a circuit of the island, making it a good way to get oriented. Victor Hugo's bizarre house is worth a visit. You also can make a daytrip to Sark if you have the time.

I did a day trip from Bristol, arriving very early by train in Bath, stopping off at the Bath tourist office for a discount coupon for the Cotswolds small van tour (which was a bit pricey but really good) and was able to get my train back to Bristol all in one day.
My later walking and public bus trip also left from Bristol but headed by train to a northern city at the edge of the Cotswolds (sorry I can't remember the name) and then had to take the more public routes into the Cotswolds but this allowed me to have time on my own for walking and getting back to my bus and train connections. Both were good ways to see this area without a car.
The public transit tour hit places that were over-loaded with tourists but were still quite lovely, yet too impacted for a real feel for Cotwolds private side. The van tour went to much quieter, more remote spots that were stunning but did not give the same free time to explore since it was a group tour.

Dear Stan,
thank you for confirming the ability to see Guernsey via the public bus. This sounds very doable.

Dear TravelCenturian,
Thank you again for your very useful information on Bristol, Bath and the Cotswolds. I am looking forward to using this information next summer.

Here is a good link for public transit options. I did the route from Cheltenham when I was on my own and hiked to the Slaughters from Burton on Water (very busy with tourist):

Dear TravelCenturian,
Thank you for the link for public transit options. I have placed it in my files for my trip.