Credit cards that give double miles?

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Does anyone know of an airline co-branded credit card (MC or Visa) that gives double miles for supermarket and gas purchases?  Am not looking for  a special promotion, but for a card that does this on a regular basis.  

Thank you for your suggestions.   I will look into the cash-back cards.  Though it would be difficult for me to give up the airline loyalty cards as I use miles  for upgrades.  

I believe one gets 1.5 miles for every $ plus the card has the new chip for easy use at ATMs overseass and unmanned ticket counters (you have to request separate pin).  You end up getting 3% for gas, maybe 1-2% for other purchases, and it's cash back.  I.e., if you have 350,000 points, that's $3,500.  I let my points accumulate so when we're going on a big trip, cash in points and use the $$ for whatever.  Also, there's no foreign transaction fees (FTFs). Capital One also has no FTFs and I think double miles or perhaps 1.5 as well, again, cash back.