cruising Norwegian fjords

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My husband and I would like to cruise in the Norwegian fjords but one of us has motion sickness issues. Please share your experience if you have done such a trip. Thank you!

We used Holland America to cruise the Fjords, the only rough weather we ran into was at the North Cape, rain and strong wind. The ship handled the storm well and we did not notice anyone with motion sickness. You can purchase over the counter medicine for motion sickness. As info, we were on another cruise where the weather was so bad the crew members were even sick and the ships doctor was making the rounds giving them shots and meds. We had a shot and given meds and we were fine within minutes after given the shot.

On my above message I erred on the Over the counter med, it should read Meclizine.

Betty, did you ever do the fjords? I am looking longingly at such a trip, but am prone to motion sickness, too. So I am interested in your hearing about your, or anyone else's, first hand experience. Anyone who does not suffer from motion sickness need not reply, please and thank you, as there is likely nothing you can tell those of us who do that we do not already know. (:-)

My husband and I also did the fjords on Holland America. I don't remember any issues with rough seas. And a fair amount of sailing is up and down the fjords which are typically very calm.