Custom tour in NW India

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Wife and I plan to tour Ladakh and Kashmir in September 2017 and prefer a local Indian agency to arrange accommodations, guides and land transportation. We have very attractive quotes from India Holiday and Colourful India based in Delhi. Has anyone used them or some other commendable agency? We'll also appreciate general travel tips for the region. And we are capable of a fully independent DIY trip with a little encouragement.

We have used Sita Tours ( for several trips to India. They have in-country representatives and drivers along with set programs and you can arrange for independent specialized tours as well. Another agency we've used is
for Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim is Third Eye Travel ( they also have packages in India and also do specialized tours. They in-country representatives and drivers as well.

I would caution you on DIY driving in India, the traffic is pretty wild there are no lanes as such and a lot of weaving in and out and horns blaring constantly and there are some horrendous roads.

Thanks, iTraveler, for a couple of good suggestions. We'll follow up with both providers. As for DIY, we've done a couple in India, but that country remains on our short list of "do not drive" destinations. The 60-plus I've self-driven have presented some hair-raising experiences, but I won't risk India, Kenya or Russia for various reasons, not all driver and road related.