day in paris

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<p>i will be in paris for a day in february and am looking for a tour guide for seven hours which will hit the major sights in paris - louvre, notre dame, eiffel tower, arc de triomphe, etc. does anybody have a person or company who can help me? my email is</p><p>al makkay, centerville, massachusetts</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

  We have used this company for several tours and have been very satisfied we had excellant service with them.​  

Unless you prefer having a guide and paying for his or her time and services, you can do all this quite easily on your own by using the Metro or taxi and carrying any decent guidebook.  If you do use a guide, first ask if the company can bypass the lines at the Louvre and, to a lesser extent, Notre Dame, although crowds shouldn't be a problem in February.  Also, depending on your tastes in art, consider the Musee d'Orsay instead of the Louvre.