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<p>My friend &amp; I will meet in Lyon &amp; take the train to Brive &amp; rent a car there. We would like to pick a centrally located, moderately priced place to stay. We are planning on trying to do as many Plus Villages &amp; Grottos as possible in 8 days. Any suggestions would be appreciated &amp; all replies will be answered. We are adventurous travelers so any other suggestions would also be appreciated.</p>

My husband and a group of friends and I rented a farmhouse in the Bergerac area a while back and that worked out well for exploring the western parts of the Dordogne. We could even get to Bordeaux and Saint Emillion.  Then we stayed a few days in Sarlat, very charming in itself, and that would probably be a better choice for getting to and from the most beautiful sites: Chateau de Castelnaud, La Roque Gageac, Gardens of Marqueyssac, Rocamadour, plus the Lascaux II caves, and beautiful drives along the Dordogne River.

 Bonjour! Thx for the reply & info. We actually just booked a place in Sarlat so I'm happy to hear you say it would be a good choice! Do your have any memories of outstanding places to eat? Or anything you think we should make sure to see especially if it wasn't in the 'guide books'? Or anything to AVOID?! Sorry to be so tardy in replying...autumn yard cleanup has gotten out of hand!