Drive Time BKK to DMK

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I'm a victim of Air Asia's airport move from BKK to DMK - help! Realistically, how long is the morning rush hour drive time by taxi from BKK (Suvaranabhumi) to DMK (the old Don Mueang)?

Hi Retirada: I sent a quick email to the driver I use in Bangkok. Will give you the answer as soon as I hear from her. I'll be on Air Asia too in January (from Bangkok to Rangoon) so would be interested in your comments on the airline when you get back.

Distance is 18 miles. Usual travel time is about 40 to 50 minutes. During rush hour, or in very rainy conditions, allow at least 2 to 2.5 to hours as traffic can be slow. Ratt recommends leaving as much time as you can - 3 to 3.5hours would be better.

In an additional email, Ratt has added: if you are coming off an international flight, allow 1 hour to get thru immigration and customs. You also need to be at Don Muang Airport 1.5 hours before your Air Asia flight.

Thanks for all this good information, Adventuregirl. Very helpful. I'll let you know what we thought of Air Asia when we get back.