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Last year friends and I used a driver/guide that we found in ITN to tour Scotland. We had a private vehicle and driver and we were all thrilled with the ease of travel and the personalized service.    Based on that great experience I am looking at trying to arrange another trip with similar services. The trip would probably not be until late 2019 (Sept).   It does not matter if we fly into Lisbon, Barcelona or Madrid but all three cities are a must and any suggested stops in between would be of interest.  We'd like to stay 2/3 days in each of the major cities.   Could someone suggest a firm that provides a driver/guide and also suggest favorite spots between the major cities.   Due to mobility issues, we are not really interested in taking a train. Based on review, it does appear to be driveable.  We are thinking a 14-18 day trip.  Time is not an issue, as the travelers are retired.  Of course money can be a factor.   Overall attitude of our travel is relaxing and casual -  no hurried strict schedule - other than to make it each day to our assigned overnight reservation.

I can help with recommending a car/driver/guide based in Lisbon. Last year in Lisbon, I used EcoTours Portugal ( for a day trip and transfers. They can arrange multi-day trips around Portugal.

And the best thing that came out of that experience is that they sent Paulo Ferreira, a licensed guide with a comfortable Mercedes for my arrival airport transfer.

I really liked him -- speaks English well, is very conscientious and even walked me to the reception desk of my hotel to make sure my reservation was in place.

He has his own company and does private day and multi-day tours all around Portugal. I have a feeling that he does a lot of work for EcoTours Portugal. I will be in Lisbon again later this month and have hired him for my arrival transfer and two custom day trips to areas where the "44-people-in-a-bus" tours don't go.

This is his contact info:
Paulo Ferreira

He drives and guides all over Portugal and I would recommend a trip to Porto. If you have time while in Porto, arrange a tour to Coa Valley to see the Rock Art. It would be an overnight trip. I've tried to get there twice and was unsuccessful. The rock art is supposed to be fabulous and it is a UNESCO site.

With your own driver, it is about a three hour drive from Lisbon to Porto, and there are interesting places to stop along the way.

I am going to Scotland in 2019. What was the name of the company you used,how long was your trip, what did the company charge you, and what season of the year did you travel?
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