Driver/Tour Guide Petra Jordan

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<p>Looking for a tour guide/driver for two days to take us around to Petra, little Petra, and surrounding areas for</p><p>Monday, October 6 and Tuesday, October 7. &nbsp;Would appreciate any recommendations. &nbsp;Thanks.</p><p>Anne &nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

I haven't been to Petra for a long time, but asked a friend what guide she had when she visited Petra recently. She recommended Faleh Al-Salameen  email:  faleh76@yahoo.comIf you are spending more than one or two days there (it takes at least two days to see everything), have your guide take you back into Petra thru "the secret way" -- thru a smaller siq that emerges at the city walls and if you keep going left, you end up by the Royal Tombs.

Thank you Joe!  I will be contacting Faleh today.