Eating in Turkey

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I've read that one should avoid unpeeled raw fruits and vegetables and drink only bottled water, including water for brushing teeth, in Turkey. I'd like to hear from recent travelers to Turkey about this issue. I keep reading about the wonderful vegetable mezzes and salads in Turkey, but that must mean eating them raw. I've also read that Turkish breakfasts include fruit, but again I'm wondering if that means fruit that has been peeled at the hotel and perhaps washed in tap water. I want to enjoy the wonderful food but obviously don't want to end up sick. I'm wondering if buffets are more likely to be problematical than restaurants. What if we buy fruit, such as apricots, and wash it with bottled water? Please share your experiences. Thank you.

If you need to use bottled water in any country then raw fruits and vegetables are not safe.  Restaurants are not going to be any safer than buffets.  That said, a lot of the vegetable salads (as we would call them) are actually cooked, frequently served as appetizers and are quite delicious.  On our trip to Turkey last year at least 35-40% of our group got sick.  I do not know how cautious  they had been when selecting their dishes

I recently spent a few days layover in Istanbul. I ate fruit at breakfast and salads in various restaurants. I didn't have any problems. But I should give this advice with a warning that I enjoy eating at local restaurants and street markets. I may be lucky or have a strong constitution because I rarely have any stomach issues.  The food in Turkey is amazing, I hope you enjoy it.

I was stationed in Turkey 1992-96 and have been back several times.  I would recommend drinking bottled water that you open or watch the waiter open.  I have eaten fresh fruits and vegetables at hotels and good restaurants.  In most parts of the country sanitation is much improved.  Just use common sense.  The biggest danger are those wonderful rolls sold by street vendors who carry them on their heads.  You don't know if they've fallen to the ground.  Buy them in a bakery and enjoy.  Do carry good meds just in case.  You will enjoy Turkey and the food is fantastic.