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Has anyone travelled with Adventures Abroad, especially to Egypt? Thanks Mary

Adventures Abroad is a good company. Guides are generally excellent and the itinerary includes both breakfast and dinners. The thing to be aware of is that they tend to cancel. If they are arranging your air, then it is no problem; but if you are doing your own air, it is. When I am considering Adventures Abroad, I always wait until the trip is guaranteed to run or they need just one more signup to guarantee it.

Thanks for the information. How about Road Scholar or Eldertrek, any information on them?

I've traveled with both companies and they are good. Elder treks indicates on their website if the trip is guaranteed. And right now they are showing two of their three upcoming departures to Egypt as guaranteed. Groups are a maximum of 16 with good guides. I haven't had a Eldertreks trip cancel, and I've done 6.
Road Scholar (former Elderhostel) is also good, and groups can be larger. There is considerable emphasis put on lectures and learning experiences, rather than general sightseeing, and generally a lecturer accompanies the group in addition to a tour leader. Their catalog or website will give you this info. You might ask the rep. what the minimum number is for the trip to go, and how many have signed up. This is especially important to know if you are doing your own air.