Egypt, Jordan & Israel

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I am looking for a small group or private tour to Egypt, Jordan & Israel for 2020. The ads I have responded to fail to reply so I am seeking any suggestions for a reputable company for this tour. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you

We used Overseas Adventure Travel in 2008 for this tour. Not sure they are still doing this tour as times have changed since then.

Wilderness Travel is doing a trip to Egypt and Jordan in 2020. I'll bet if you called them, they could also set up something for Israel. I've traveled many times with them and they do a good job.

Road Scholar Offers a trip to Israel and Jordan, and also trips to Egypt. I didn't see 2020 dates and haven't traveled with them, but I've heard good things about them.

We also visited Israel with pre-trip to Jordan with OAT, back in 2011. Per the OAT website, this trip is still offered with minor changes to the itinerary. My goal had been to appreciate the major religions in Israel, but our guide opted to focus mostly on Christianity because the majority of our group was Christian. I considered that a limitation. Also, I would have preferred paying more for the pre-trip and staying closer to the entrance to Petra's sights. Even with those limitations, I found my experience in 2011 mind-stretching and among my top ten trips.