Escorted Tour of Italy< Insight> Country Roads of Italy 17 Days

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Has anyone done this tour? Any suggestions for an alternative and/or another tour to tie in with this one (Either prior or after)? I really like the itinerary, but can use suggestions about arriving early in Rome and what sights to see on my own? Such as, a moderately price hotel and some world class/to die for/bucket list museums and architectural or historical sites... :) Any suggestions or help are eagerly asked for and will be greatly appreciated. I will go to the Pantheon, but after that ????

Rome is so vast it is hard to know even what century to visit there: ancient Rome, papal Rome, modern Rome, Baroque Rome, culinary Rome, operatic Rome, backstreet Rome, fashionable Rome, Renaissance Rome, Rome suburban palazzos, ........ in a few days the best you can do is be a frank tourist and use one of the many survey jaunts that take you to as many of the highlights as possible just to get a superficial overview. Try one of those Top 10 city guides to help sort out the basics might be the best way to start. And then toss some coins in Trevi Fountain so you ensure you will come back again and again to someday see it all! Usually the more moderate hotels are around the train stations - Stazione Termini - which can also link you to the basic transportation networks that let you travel around at will ....once you decide what of the zillion things you want to concentrate on. Best wishes.

PS: Took a look at your itinerary and you will be moving around a lot covering a huge amount of sights across this remarkable country. You may want to spend those extra days just winding down and concentrating on just a single quiet neighborhood in Rome to get a flavor of daily life in this city, as it looks like your tour will at least give you the highlights.