Ethopia tour

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<p>I am trying to decide on an Ethopia tour for the Fall of 2011 that takes me to the north sites and to the Omo Valley. I am interested in visiting actual villages in the South plus markets and any festivals--not staged village members. </p>

There are some good companies that travel to Ethiopia - these offer good itineraries of the "Northern or Historic" route and some offer add-ons to the Omo Valley :
Adventures Abroad
Geographic Expeditions
Wilderness Travel
Peregrine Adventures
Explore Worldwide
Good luck with your research!

Another company with good itineraries that goes to Ethiopia in Fall 2011 (Northern Historic route followed by optional extension to the Omo Valley) is TCI/Serious Traveler at I have not taken them to Ethiopia, but I have just returned from their November tour to Iran.

I sent you a PM about Serious Traveler as I am 'serious' about traveling with them to Tibet. If you want to post your thoughts in this thread or PM me. Thank you.
As for Ethiopia, I visited the Northern Historic route with Adventures Abroad back in 2002. Rough trip but very interesting.

thanks to all Your suggestions were helpful I have made a decision.

I went with Adventures Abroad in 2006 to the North sites and the Omo Valley and it was absolutely fantastic. It turned out to be 6 people only and out of over 125+ countries I have visited it is one of my favorites.The rides were rough and the accomodations not the best but that is Ethiopia. Go and enjoy it.

Suggest you research Patrick Syder Travel on the web.. Patrick personally goes on all of his trips himself. . He does have two different tours to Ethiopia in 2011. He has very small groups. He was formerly with Exploreworldwide is a graduate geologist and Fellow of the Royal geographic Society. His itineraries, accommodations, meals and guides are outstanding. Most travelers are repeaters too. I plan to travel with Patric\k again in 2011.