Family Trip to South Spain and Morocco

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<p>I am planning a trip for a family of 7 adults&nbsp;for 10 days to south Spain and Morocco.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Any tips on where to go and what&nbsp;to see (how to get from Spain and Morocco ) would be helpful!</p>

Two years ago we toured Southern Spain and Morocco with Road Scholars it was a wonderful trip.There is a ferry you can take from Tarifa Spain to Tangiers, its about a 35 minute trip.I have included the link to the Road Scholar program and you can review their itinerary and select sites that are ofinterest to you.

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Thank you for your response, Jack.  I did look at Road Scholars.  While their trips look very interesting, we are looking for something more comprehensive.  It is great to hear from someone who has used them, however, since many of there trips look great.  I have been wondering how their trips are.  They seem to have very positive reviews.Thanks again!

Am not sure if you are planning everything yourself, or if you need a local company to handle the travel details. There is an excellent boutique family run travel company based in Granada --  that would be able to arrange a custom tour for your family.