Faroe Islands Planning

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We are considering a trip to the Faroe Islands Summer 2019 from Copenhagen. Would like to hear about planning a trip on one's own (self-drive) and/or using a travel agency. We are considering Green Gate.

I was in the Faroe Islands on a group tour this past May and enjoyed it very much. The local arrangements were made by a company called 62 Degrees North (https://www.62n.fo/en) and they were excellent.

One of my guides recommended this accommodation for a return trip:

Whatever company you deal with, you may want to ask them about festival dates as this would be a nice time to visit.

The Faroe Islands are known for weather extremes - so check www.weatherbase.com for the month you plan to travel to get an idea of average temperatures and rainfall.

Just returned from the Faroes a few weeks ago. Used Baltic Travel Company and was pleased. No matter what company you use, there are only 2 ground operators in the Faroes, and they offer several different day trips to the same places (e.g., Mykines--pronounced mitchiness--hike, bird cliffs cruise, etc.) but on different days or at different times, picking you up each day at your hotel in a bus which includes a guide and commentary. As the weather can vary greatly even during a day and a trip might be cancelled due to fog, do allow yourselves an extra do-nothing day or two for the ability to reschedule the missed day trip. Bring hooded rain gear and warm layers--umbrellas are useless in the mighty winds they have there. I recommend staying in Torshavn (pronounced torshown) at the Hotel Torshavn--it's easy to walk around in town from there. Buses are free to all, and they're a great way to get around to the Museum, art gallery, post office, etc., out of the downtown area. If you're a foodie, make your reservations at the Michelin-star KOKS restaurant at least 4 months in advance--you'll share a table, which is part of the fun, and it'll be a long evening but an amazing (and expensive) culinary adventure.