Galapagos Islands/Ecuador

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Looking for recommendation on tours to Galapagos & Ecuador for 9-14 days. We have already researched OAT, General Torus & Gate 1. Thanks

I would highly recommend Cheesemans Ecology Safaris for your trip. Are based in California.  Have traveled with them to Galapagos, as well as many other locations around the world.  Have been in business for long time and offer only top of the line trips.  Their main interest is the client.  Give them a call or check out their website.   Larry

I went several years ago with G-Adventures (formerly GAP Adventures) and it was a good experience. The one bit of advice I'd like to offer is to select the longest itienrary possible -- 10 to 12 days on the boat. In this way you can visit the outlying islands, rather than just visit those close to Baltra Airport, where you land.   On those closer-in islands, animals are starting to be afraid of people. Think about bringing your own snorkeling mask - the boat may have some, but it will probably not be as well-fitting as your own; and use their flippers.  

We strongly recommend Inca Floats.  In spite of the "Inca" name, they specialize on Galapagos.  The groups are small, and the naturalists are top notch.It is very important to select a tour with a SMALL group.  Why?  Because the government dictates the number of people who can go ashore at any one time.  If you're on a bigger boat you'll pay less, but your experience will be very much diminished, since you'll have to wait your turn to go ashore.Also providing an excellent Galapagos tour is Wilderness Travel.  We are 12 times OAT travelers and love the company.  But we didn't do Galapagos with them.  They do, however, fulfill the requirement of small groups.

Hi,Can anyone suggest a local operator? And what is the best way reach it out from Osaka, Japan?

I visited Ecuador and the Galapagos a few years ago with a good friend from Japan.  To my surprise, the cheapest air ticket for her was on Delta Airlines - so we met in Atlanta and then flew together to Quito.  I'm sorry I can't recommend a local tour operator.  I arranged the mainland Ecuador part of our trip myself, and we used the very good Galapagos Direct  to arrange our week in the Galapagos (airfare from Quito and the boat).  Judie Muggia at Galapagos Direct could have arranged the whole trip for us - everything except international airfare - so you might want to check out her website   Maybe she could help you?Good luck!