Galapagos land vs cruise

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We’re looking at the Odysseys Unlimited Machu Picchu- Galapagos tour. It seems pretty great and fairly priced. But the Galapagos portion is land-based with some boat trips. If like to hear from people who have done both or who have only done a land trip to see if you found it satisfying or if you wished you’d done a boat. Thanks

Hello: I took a quick look at the Odysseys Unlimited itinerary and it is a decent price for two distinct areas as it includes both international and domestic air. I just want to mention that the only thing to be aware of with staying on Santa Cruz island in the Galapagos is that you visit only the islands close to that island and the airport at Baltra. They are well-touristed and when I visited, I felt the animals were beginning to be afraid of people. This is not the case when visiting islands further away from Baltra and Santa Cruz. Those islands are less-touristed and animals are less leery of visitors. But if you just want a quick look-see of the Galapagos and don't want to do a longer cruise, the Odysseys Unlimited itinerary is a good choice.

That’s helpful. Thanks

I just returned from spending 10 days in the Galapagos using a 16 passenger (tourists) boat. I am so glad I did the boat. It made it possible for me to see so much of the area in a way either a land tour or large cruise ship could not. The tour/boat company offers cruises of 4, 5 and 6 days which you can combine for a longer cruise; the option I chose. I used Stanford Tours out of San Diego to make the arrangements. This tour company covers what you want to see (Galapagos and Machu Picchu) and I cannot find enough words to describe how wonderful they were. I am 70 years old, female and a solo traveler with less than great balance. To say at risk is an understatement. I was so well cared for you might have thought I was a family member of the tour company.