Gate 1 Tours

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<p>I would appreciate any feedback about Gate 1 Tours. I plan on using them for travel in India </p>

I am also wondering about Gate I tour company. We are looking to use them to Russia and the Baltics, not a cruise rather all on land....Hope someone answers you, then I can read it as well.

In India, I personally would book directly with SITA since they are the largest travel group in India and apparently handle all other packages under different names. They have agents all over and provide superb, individualize service or tours. Check out their website and see what they offer too. I used their e-holidays division, made all my arrangements online, did not have to pay until I got there and they customized my solo "Treasures of India by Train" after I got there and bailed me out when the weather in Northern India brought every mode of travel to a backed-up standstill for days. It was a fabulous trip and I thank SITA for every part of it.
From what I hear about Gate 1, they are mainly a booking agent for flight and hotel with a lot of optional add ons once you are there all of which you could do on your own so not sure what their management premium is. But I don't have any first hand experience. In my mind, in India go with the home team - SITA and let them help find you what you want at almost any price range. They will be there for you all over India.

I used Gate One for Croatia three years ago. We spent alot of time on the bus... too much time for me. Perhaps it was just the terrain. Friends went to Jordan in March and loved it.