Good safari camp for 7-10 day stay

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I am looking for a safari camp in Kenya, hopefully in the Masai Mara area. I do not want to move around to several camps. I will also be a woman traveling alone. Has anyone spent a week or so in a camp. Does anyone know a good travel agent to help. Thank you. Kim

I suggest that you contact Susan Wood at and (I forget which address she prefers.)

Several years ago, I worked closely with her, by phone and email, to put together a two-week safari program in both Tanzania and Kenya for a group of friends. She was great to work with, and I'm sure she'll offer you just the kind of individual attention that you're seeking.

If you'll stay in one camp, I tend to agree that the Mara might be best, but pay attention to the time of year (if anyone can predict the migration with any confidence these days). Also, as I recall, if you stay at a camp within the park, your driver has to stay on road, but if your camp is outside the park, you have the flexibility to go to the animals. We were outside and had some wonderful, up-close experiences without any other vehicles around us.

Thank you. I have been reading your reviews. I am looking at the Tanzania OAT tours. I am following your advice about Kenya. I don't want to be parked along with 20,000 other people. I can handle the "spartan" part of the travel. I have COPD (the new name for emphyzema (sp?)). I don't need oxygen but if there is a lot of dust I might sound like a freight train. Is breathing an issue? I really don't want to be a bother to anyone...there is nothing worse than being with a group and having one group member slow the whole thing down. It is one thing to fall down and break your is another thing to travel knowing you have an issue and not figuring out if you will be a burden. Thank you Skunkman for taking the time.

This information might be useful to you. OAT uses several Wilderness Safari Company ( camps for their programs in Africa. The website gives detailed information about each camp.