Great Barrier Reef

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I'd like to hear from anyone with information about day-trips and recommendations for reputable companies from Brisbane to the Great Barrier Reef (not Fraser Island or Lady Elliot Island). I realize that most such tours are from Cairns but prefer Bisbane - an overnight trip might be acceptable.

Hello, yadkinv,
Geoff Ivin is a wonderful travel counselor in Australia:
He has decades of experience and used to live in Brisbane, I believe. He now lives on the Gold Coast in Main Beach. Make contact with Geoff and please use my name: Dorothy Botnick. I am certain he can help you. Good luck.
When my husband and I were at the Great Barrier Reef, we stayed in Port Douglas, a good beach town north of Cairns.

Just saw this. The travel consultant recommended in the earlier post has probably pointed out by now that Brisbane is too far south to serve as an access point for the GBR. The southern-most GBR location would be at least a four-hour drive north from Brisbane.