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My wife and I are considering traveling to Greenland. . We wish to stay 3-4 days and add this on to a trip to Denmark. We would also consider a cruise. Any suggestions.

I think the most useful info for you would be to contact Greenland Travel ( which works with the Arctic Umiaq Ferry Line ( and Air Greenland and sells packages, with transportaton from Copenhagen

Air Greenland flies from Copenhagen, to Kangerlussuaq, Narsarsuaq and Nuuk

I traveled with Arctic Wonderland Tours ( with air from Reykjavik.

Also be aware that traveling to and within Greenland can be a bit expensive because of its size and remote location. There are no roads connecting towns and settlements, so transportation is by plane, helicopter and dogsled, or by boat during summer. It is a wonderful experience with lovely people and beautiful scenery.

I was in Greenland last summer, tacking it on to a Baltics tour after the Faroe Islands. I'm 78 and went alone. I had to connect in Copenhagen to fly first to Nuuk and then flew straight from there to Illulisat (pop. 5,000). I spent 2-3 days in each community. Pick a hotel and call them--they'll recommend the nearby local tour company which you can contact for driving or walking tours, visits to a local's house, even cruises with spontaneous fishing or through the icebergs to see whales or the "sunset" in the land of the midnight sun (which was alas canceled because of bad weather that night). It's a unique and very welcoming place, and if you deal directly with people on the ground there it won't be horribly expensive and in my opinion will be more enjoyable than a cruise with a crowd.

Consider flying Icelandair to Denmark. You should be able to have a long stopover in Reykjavik, allowing you to have a short flight to Greenland and stay over for 1-5 days. Then return to Reykjavik and continue on your trip to Denmark. Icelandair use to have air/land packages to Greenland on their web site. Book ASAP, as Greenland has a short summer and is very popular.