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<p>Has anyone traveled to Greenland with the Geenland travel co?&nbsp; I am interested in a 4 day trip</p><p>frome Iceland to llulissat Greenland in July or August with Greenland Travel.&nbsp;&nbsp; Are there any other companies that</p><p>someone has traveled with and would recommend?&nbsp;</p><p>thanks, valerie</p>

Take a look at Arctic Wonder Tours (  I did five days with them in eastern Greenland.  They own their own hotels in Kulusuk and Tasiilaq and you can pre-arrange your tours with them and create your own package.   Be aware that visiting Greenland is not inexpensive. In addition to the flights getting there, costs will be $500+ per day.  Visiting Greenland  and learning about the Inuit culture is an unforgettable experience.

Thanks for the tips, I will look up both companies.  I am going to be in Iceland and would really like togo above the arctic circle, which is why I wanted to go to greenland. I know it is expensive, and I willhave to do more research to see if it is really worth the money - I may just stay longer in Iceland.valerie