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<p>Looking for ideas on how to find a good local travel agency in Guatemala for a 6 day trip to Antiga with day trips to Chichi market, Lake Atiplan, and Pikaya Volcano and transportation for a visit to Tikal.&nbsp; Hotel recomendations and travel tips appreciated. Thanks in advance.</p>

 I’ve stayed at two places in Antigua — both excellent, but each very different:                                                                                                                                                            Posada de Don Rodrigo ( This is located about a block from the main square. It is a converted hacienda and the rooms have vintage furniture. Some rooms have a lovely view of Agua Volcano.   This is a good in-town location.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Camino Real Antigua (www.caminorealantigua)   This is a newer hotel about 3 blocks from the main square designed hacienda-style, but very modern.  It had the best bathroom facilities of my recent three weeks in Central America.  Be aware that some extras are at a cost, such as in-room coffee and  wi-fi.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                You can book  day tours to  Chichicastenango Market, Lake Atitlan,etc. with the hotels.   For Tikal, there are one and two day tours where you fly to Flores which is preferable to the 8 hour overland trip.    To have an idea of what day tours cost, take a look at   But be aware that you can buy these tours cheaper when you book locally and you don’t have to deal with vouchers, finding an office,etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               If you want to use a local travel company, one of the better ones is run by Elizabeth Bell who has lived in Antigua since she was a teenager (her father was a writer for Sunset Magazine).  She runs She offers walking tours in Antigua and can  also arrange day trips.   Right now the website is devoted to Holy Week, so check it again after Easter for more info on tours. 

Thank you so much. This is so helpful. I am glad that day tours can be arranged locally with ease, that helps keep the trip flexible. I will try to reach Elizabeth Bell for the Tikal tour because we would like to fly there.  Thanks for the hotel suggestions, I am going to check them out now. Thanks for your help!

I used Elizabeth Bell's services. They were great. Highly recommend.                       ------------ Moderator note:  Website for Elizabeth Bells company is 

Look at Caravan Tours.  We have been very pleased with them.  High quality accommodations, great tour guides and all meals included.

I hope tis helps: Hotel: Posada Don Rodrigo was  great, recommended to me here.Tour company:  We had difficulty reaching Elizabeth Bell, probably because we were planning the trip around Easter which is one of her busiest seasons.  Following suggestions here we booked some tours when we arrived in Antigua (this worked great and we would do it again this way  but because of a very limmited time frame we needed to book in advance some transportation, air, and hotels in Tikal. We used Adrenalina Tours and we regret it. They were not professional. Some of the cars they provided were not road worthy.Loved the country, found it very easy to get around on our own and wished we had done more things impromptu.  Have a great trip.