Guide/driver in France

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We are looking for a driver/guide for France, specifically for the southern regions of Languedoc and Provence. Thanks in advance for any information.

I know of a couple of excellent professional drivers/companies. Are you looking for an individual or a professional company to help you with driving? How long would you need the driver, what dates, and how many in your party? I'll be happy to put you in contact with them.
Valerie Sutter

I know a wonderful American couple who takes a group to France every year in the Summer, usually to Provence, and provides gourmet cooking, tours around the region, wine tasting, cheese tasting and whatever else the group wants. All for a fixed, very reasonable price. This includes accommodations, breakfast and dinner (most of the time, lunch too!!!). I highly recommend them and their program.

I'm a little late in replying as I found a company that we like. But, thanks for your response.

We have found Intimate France, a small tour company (no more than 8 passengers in a van for a private tour). We will go to Avignon, Artles, Aix en Provence and small villages/towns. 12 days of local color, art, castles, markets and wine.