Has anyone used Rothschild Safaris to Africa?

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We are looking for some advice on a 2 to 2 1/2 week trip to Kenya and Tanzania next winter or spring. We have looked at various itineraries from Rothschild Safaris (ITN advertiser) and wondered if anyone has used this company. Also, we have roughly narrowed our game park choices to: Nairobi -- 2 nights (arrival night and following next) Amboseli Masai Mara Serengeti Nogorogoro Any suggestions on how to divide our days, other "must sees" and so forth would be greatly appreciated!

Leora is terrific. We used her three years ago and have had several friends book trips through her agency. First rate suggestions for itineraries, excellent guides and transport arrangements. We worked out seeing the migration in Tanzania along with Botswana, missing the rain in the first location and getting to Botswana just as the rainy season ended! Everything worked perfectly and we had the treat of individual travel at an affordable price point. Couldn't recommend her more.

Thanks! Glad to hear such an enthusiastic endorsement. We spoke with Leora yesterday and were very impressed. And Kimi has already sent us a propsective itinierary, within 24 hours of our first call. Off to a good start.

We used Rothschıld Safarıs ın 2010 for a customızed trıp to Namıbıa, Botswana and Zambıa. We stayed ın small luxury camps. It was very expensıve but we knew ahead of tıme what to expect. All arrangements were flawless.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Much appreciated.