Hotel near Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris?

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<p>The night before our flight out of CDG we are considering staying at an airport hotel. The flight the next morning is at 10:40 am. Two questions: is it a good idea to stay near the airport for that last night? And, which hotels are good ones, and hopefully not too pricey.</p> <p>Thank you. The replies to previous questions have been extremely helpful. </p>

This link to an earlier post might be helpful:

I have stayed at the Ibis Hotel at the airport. It is a satisfactory hotel, with a restaurant. My room was very small and quite bland - it was a single room. The bathroom was the size of a postage stamp. I stayed there coming and going from a trip to Normandy and a cooking school in Roanne, outside of Lyon.
The Ibis is very reasonable, but the next time I would opt to stay at the Hilton Hotel about 1 short block from the Airport Ibis. In fact, I did walk over to the Hilton for lunch when I arrived for my overnight at the Ibis.
The trains are also very close to the Ibis.