Hotels in Florence and Naples

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Instead of renting an apartment in Florence, we have decided to limit our stay there and travel by train to other parts of Italy ON NO SCHEDULE. Therefore, we will need some suggestions on inexpensive hotels,or B&B in both of these cities. I can probably "wing it" but would like some suggestions..places with private baths. Cost..under $70/night. H. Ring

The Hotel Europeo in Naples that is the classic budget special:
If you look for the Hotel Europa, you get the Grand Hotel Europa -- something totally different.

Close by in this same wonderful neighborhood is our favorite place to stay: Decumani De Charme but it costs a bit more. If you can go up a few more dollars, it is well worth the extra money compared to the more basic Europeo: Both of these hotels have very quiet rear facing rooms overlooking courtyards and away from the streets. Even thinking about Naples again makes me want to go back again ....tomorrow! The Decumani also includes breakfast so that makes up the difference in prices right there.

Thank you for these suggestions; I will look into both these places. I have never been
to Naples altho I have been to Italy three times but always up north of Rome.
Looking forward to seeing napoli and the Almalfi Coast.

I would recommend at least a week in the heart of Naples - and you have to suspend your initial impressions first before its incredible charms start revealing themselves to you. Even more time and use it as a base to explore the surrounding areas on train or their metropolitan transit system.

The area around the train-station and port are grim and even appalling, yet once you penetrate the quiet, narrow streets of Spacconapoli, head towards the Galleria and the incredible Palazzo Real, cafe sit, people watch and shop in the elegant Via Chaia neighborhood, visit the hillsides of Vomero with their dazzling views, traverse the teeming markets in the side streets off Via Toledo, enjoy the verdant piazzas surrounding the National Museum and enter the doors of every single opulent-facaded church on these ancient streets, climb through all of the cool underground passages of the subterraneo on a hot afternoon, only then and only after a few days of making her your own, do you finally get a beginning hint of what Naples has to offer.

I love this city! Hint: we liked the very small island of Procida the best -it is only about five miles long and you can walk all of its scenic roads and dine incredibly well or take the little local bus - much less touristed than Capri or Ischia and only an hour by hydrofoil from the port in Naples. Visit the website Chowhound and search all their ongoing best pizza in Naples battles as well as picking up a lot of local dining tips in this vastly under-appreciated city. Best book for background: From Salt Water to Holy Water.