Iguazu Falls

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<p>Can someone please recommend a hotel at Iguazu Falls, preferably on the Argentinian side. We don&#39;t need luxury but we aren&#39;t looking for a youth hostel, either. Somewhere in the $150 range. Thank you.</p>

We stayed at hotel in the park.  Offhand I forget the name of hotel, think it was a Continental.  There aren't many options.  Town is small with little to offer.  We stayed in the park on Arg side for several days.  One day we hired a taxi to take us to Brazil side.  It was not expensive and well worth the time and money.   We flew from Buenos Aires.  Our flights were OK, but we heard the flights are not reliable so be prepared.  We had no problems and it was a tremendous experience.

I highly recommend the Secret Garden B & B.   It was a wonderful experience.   Rooms are nice and have good A/C.  The owner hosts a cocktail hour on the patio every evening which is a good opportunity to share with the other guests.  There are only three rooms. We used the B & B's driver for visiting both the Argentine and Brazilian sides of the falls.  There is a public bus to the Argentine side but it was too hot for us to take a local bus. Two years ago, the room rate was about $125, cash only.   The driver to the Falls was in the $35-$45 range for each trip.We planned four nights which worked out well as our flight was very late getting in the first night.   We had one day on the Brazilian side and two on the Argentine side, which was perfect. 

Two few years ago I stayed at the  Amerian Portal del Iguasu Hotel  for two nights.   website: http://www.portaldeliguazu.com/eng/#.UnAPCSiaTKcIt was a great location with a bus stop about half a block away.    Get a room with the River View as high up as possible.  The standard rooms are a "Jungle View" and  just a bunch of trees.  Location was good, restaurant was good and rooms are large and  nice.  You can walk to an overlook by the river and in the mornings, there are artisans there.  There are also souvenir booths on the path to the river.   It is a big hotel, so there are groups coming in/out.