Independent Travel in Argentina and Chile

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Contemplating traveling for 6 weeks independently in Argentina and Chile during Sept. to December in 2019. Envision arriving in Buenos Aires then making my way south to eventually Tierra del Fuego and then north into Chile and possibly fly out of Santiago. Wondering about how to get around, i.e. buses, car rentals and reasonably priced accommodations, e.g Air B & Bs and other options. Basically, will know what I would like to see and check out, but open to serendipity too. Any info appreciated. Not an organized tour traveler.

Hello, Walksalot,
My husband and I did an independent tour of Argentina a number of years ago, and it was an easy trip to organize by myself. We flew into Buenos Aires, changed airports, and flew to Iguassu Falls. We stayed there 2-3 nights and then flew to Mendoza and the wine country. After about 3 nights in Mendoza, we flew back to BA and stayed there a week. We never rented a car, because we didn't need one. I'm not sure I'd want to drive in BA, anyway. Traffic is crazy, and public transport is good. At the B&B where we stayed in Mendoza, several people were taking the bus from there to Santiago. It seemed a popular trip to make. One couple was going from Santiago south to the lake district. All traveling independently.
From what I've heard, buses are good in Argentina and are a popular mode of transport. I'd go on the ITN web site and search for articles on Argentina and Chile. You'll get a lot of ideas. If I remember correctly, you might even find names of private guides at various places.

I did a solo, independent "Rio to Santiago via Patagonia" trip back in 2012. I did the whole thing without a car, including a cargo/cruise boat up the Chilean coast, and a bus and boat transit of the Andes between Puerto Varas and Bariloche. Between Rio and Buenos Aires I visited the not-to-be-missed Iguassu Falls and Uruguay. For my trip starting in Buenos Aires go here (links at the top of the page): Link backwards for the falls. September might be a bit early for the weather.