Independent travel to cuba

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<p>My wife and I as well as two friends are investigating doing an independent trip to Cuba.&nbsp; We need to hear from you if you have traveled there independently.</p><p>How did you word your request for permission to the state department?</p><p>We&rsquo;d like to know how you found your accomodations, how you traveled to Cuba, and the pros and cons of driving while there.</p><p>We&rsquo;re aware of the specialized travel requirements and are very interested in science, and culture.&nbsp; Three of us are musicians, two are social workers,</p><p>one a nurse, and one a physicist, engineer and teacher. One of us also has a degree in theology. We&rsquo;re also interested in finding out about guides for</p><p>birding, contacting (and playing with) musicians, and speaking to healthcare professionals about their healthcare infrastructure. &nbsp;&nbsp;<span style="line-height:1.6em">&nbsp; THANKS!!</span></p>

For itinerary planning, it might be a good idea to contact a local operator in Cuba to plan a custom itinerary.    I've recently read favorable comments about these two companies:      and      

Biking Cuba girl here again. I don't know if you saw the ad in this month's ITN about the 12-day Cultural & Culinary Tour but you might inquire. I tried to get the biking company interested in getting in on the ground floor with cooking tours. The meals we had were FABULOUS  & the 2nd to the last night I had the best meal I've EVER had anywhere & I've eaten my way from one end of a country to the other. They are hitting the best of Cuba & you could ad days on the end of the tour to just do your own thing. Hope you are still planning & getting to Cuba before it's ruined!