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<p>We are considering going to India with a company called 'Compass India". We would like any information on their reliability, service, etc. Thanks. </p>

Since no responses to this particular tour company, I will add SITA appears to be the major travel consolidator for India and provides packaged services for other travel companies under their own different names. I went to SITA (e-holidays) directly when I did my customized 3 week tour -- starting with their Treasures of India by Train packages which I altered a bit, got it altered after I arrived due to major weather snafus and even towards the end when I wanted to add something else. I had excellent service from SITA and a terrific experience traveling all around the country with 3 days in Sri Lanka. I got excellent online service from them before I left, did not have to pay in full until I arrived and had very personal and competent on-ground services as well as a very local feeling exposure to India traveling solo and using their trains to get from point to point with SITA pick-ups and drop-offs at each destination. SITA gets things done in this always chaotic country that requires often last minute changes in plans. A massive cold front moved into N. India the day after I arrived in early January stopping all trains and planes so I had to be diverted from the original plan with a new stop thrown in which turned out to the best part of the whole trip while we waited out this highly disruptive weather front - SITA more than took care of me during that time. And then I was on my way again, but with this dazzling extra adventure to Bhopal (of all places) and the Juma Palace Hotel gourmet culinary center for the whole state. Never would have thought of going here ever, but it was a world apart from anything else I saw and sobering for its sense of history that connected our two countries (US Union Carbide tragedy and Bhopal)

Check out these recommendations here for Swagatam Tours and Travels, a wonderful company located in Delhi: