Indian Panorama

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<p>Has anyone used Indian Panorama as a tour packaging service. Does anyone have a recommendation for independent tours in India.</p><p>Thanks, Polesapart</p>

I've traveled to India 3 times on tours arranged by Indian Panorama and I I very highly recommend this company.  They were professional, efficient and promptly replied to my dozens of email as we ararnged these trips.   Indian Panorama provided airport transfers, cars & drivers, guides, hotel reservations, itinerary suggestions and some special events (like visiting a Bollywood studio in Mumbai).  If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.  And on my next trip to India, I'll definitely use Indian Panorama again. 

A very discriminating friend with much India experience encountered difficulty arranging a custom tour with them. They were quite rigid in their hotels, routes, projected driving-day length, and more.

I'm in the midst of planning my 4th custom trip to India - a repeat trip to Tamil Nadu & Kerala - and once again I only have wonderful things to say about Indian Panorama. I'm surprised that Permalink's friend had any difficulty at all arranging a tour wth Indian Panorama. Having been to Tamil Nadu & Kerala once, I've been quite picky about hotels, shopping for particular crafts, and a fairly complicated route (really complicated when you consider India's crazy traffic). But once again, Indian Panorama's e-mail responses have been very prompt and always helpful, recommending new places to visit in combination with those I requested, and hunting for hotels that met my price/location requirements. I still highly recommend Indian Panorama and am looking forward to my 4th trip with them.