Indonesia plane connections

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<p>I am arriving in Jakarta on a Friday on an international flight and have three hours to connect to a Garuda flight to Yogyakarta. I think it will be the same terminal. My concern is getting through immigration. I will be in a wheelchair and in most countries that means I go through a special, faster lane. Does anyone know if this is true in Jakarta? If I can get my VOA quickly and get through the formalities, I don&#39;t think I will have a problem making the connection. I don&#39;t want to spend the money to hire a private company to meet me and get me through formalities quickly. Any suggestions/ideas? thanks!</p>

As you know, passengers who've requested to be met with a wheelchair on arrival sometimes are asked to remain seated until others have disembarked.  Perhaps while en route to Jakarta, you can arrange with the flight attendants for you to be moved up to First Class a few minutes before arrival so you can get off first?  If you're arriving in Indonesia on Garuda, perhaps the flight attendants also can arrange for someone from the airline to accompany you through immigation and customs to expedite things even if there isn't a special line?  However, they may think that three hours is sufficient time.  In any event, carry a printout of later Garuda flights to Yogyakarta just in case you miss your connection.  It can't hurt to be prepared!

Hi.I do not know the current transfer situation at the Jakarta airport now, but on the couple of occasions when I had to transfer flights there during the past few years it was quite complicated and frustrating, especially the last time because my first flight was significantly late. (Fortunately they had held the second plane.) If time is of the essence, you should definitely double check whether you will need to transfer terminals; when I was there it depended on which airlines you are flying. For example, if your international flight is on Garuda (you did not mention which international airline you are flying) and your domestic flight is also on Garuda, you may not have to transfer terminals, but if you are not flying Garuda to get to Jakarta you may need to do so. In any event, although I did not have to transfer terminals, the signage was lacking and/or very confusing and it was very difficult to know which way to go and there was no one there to give guidance. To transfer terminals, there apparently was a bus. Things may have changed because they were redoing the airport when I flew.Based on my experiences, I would definitely double check everything to save time and avoid problems, especially if you are using a wheelchair.Hope the above info is useful and that you will enjoy your trip.  

Since transfer time is a factor, it might be a good idea to obtain your visa in advance.  There are Indonesian consulates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chciago, Houston, New York, and in Washington DC (Embassy).    Since many people may want their visa on arrival, there may be long lines.   Application form:

Everyone, for the input.  I will be on Cathay Pacific business class, so will be first off the plane.  Garuda is in the same terminal, I believe, so it should be easier.