Inquiry on flights from U.S. to LuangPrabang and return from Siemreip, Cambodia

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<p>having difficulty getting flights from JFK OR NEWARK to Luang Prabang, Laos in Early January and home late January from Siemriep, Cambodia to JFK OR NEWARK. &nbsp;ANY IDEAS?? &nbsp;Thanks.</p>

Have you considered flying roundtrip between the U.S. and Bangkok, and then buying a separate Bangkok-Luang Prabang-Siem Reap-Bangkok ticket on Bangkok Airways or another airlines (if there is another one that flies these routes)?There may be other options or less expensive ones, but it might be worth pricing this one for comparison.Also, it looks as if Bangkok Airways is an Etihad partner, and I seem to recall that Etihad is an American partner.  So you might be able to buy a single ticket (1) from JFK to Bangkok via Dubai on American or Etihad, (2) then from Bangkok to Luang Prabag to Siem Reap and back to Bangkok on Bangkok Airways, and then (3) back to JFK the same way you came.  If so, you might have to buy the ticket from Etihad instead of American if the latter isn't a Bangkok Airways partner.  It would be worth a few phone calls to explore the possibility. By the way, I wrote this in multiple paragraphs but the message board insists on merging them into one.  Not my choice.Good luck!   

Run this scenario on From JFK to REP  (Siem Reap Airport) there is quite a bit. You may have to get a second ticket from REP to a third city. Its often much cheaper with two sets of tickets rather than getting an open  jaw.. I flew Asiana out of REP last month. Hope this helps.