intergenerational ideas

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<p>Two grandmas would like to take their 15 year old granddaughters on a jaunt somewhere after the end of the school year: Europe is a proposed destination.<br /> What are some of the best ideas that others have come up with? </p>

You probably would want to do something that has lots of activites so a mediterranean cruise might be a good idea. Accommodations, meals, and evening entertainment would be taken care of; and you could find a trip that visits a port a day. The various stops would give the girls something to look forward to each day.
Since there are 4 of you, you could pre-arrange for private shore excursions. This might save some on expensive ship tours, and also give you a bit of exclusivity with your granddaughters. Some companies that arrange excursions are:
If you go with a cruise, do some checking on the ports as some offer a hop on/hop off bus service when ships are in port or a public bus service, so you might not need a tour. If a particular site is far away from a port (more than 2 hrs. in travel time) you might consider the ships excursion as it would be their responsibility to have you back on time, or to wait for you in case of delay.
A bus tour (Trafalgar, Tauck, Globus,etc) might be less expensive, but there is the added stress of changing hotels every few nights.
If you want to do just one country, consider staying in an apartment in London for a week or 10 days, exploring the city and doing day trips. The city is extremely tourist-friendly, has excellent public transportation and lots of history to discover.
ITN Magazine carries ads for well-located London apartments.
Hope these ideas help!