Italy, Marche & Emilia Romano

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We are interested in renting an apartment or house for two people in May or June 2012, one week in each of these sections of Italy. If you know of a particular residence or a rental agency that you would recommend we would appreciate the information. We have been to Italy several times and have rented apartment before but never in these two areas. Mary

VRBO = Villas for Rent By Owner keeps getting great reviews. Have relatives who love using them for Italy. There was a very interesting one owned by a "count" right in the heart of Parma that has my name on it ......someday. When asked on the website how long they have owned the property, he replied since the 1600's!

Also if you don't know about the Slow Food Guide to restaurants for Italy, it is a great way to plan your travel in these areas for both dining and special out of the way villages plus it includes lots of local menu terms that may not show in any standard guide book.

We have also used for hotels in Europe and they occasionally also have non-hotel accommodations as well that might work.

Try Euro Villas Ltd. web:

We have have booked through them were very satisfied.

Travel Centurian:
Do you mean "Go Slow Italy"? I can't find a slow food guide to restaurants for Italy,
but perhaps this is the book you mention? Thanks. Sonia

I believe the Slow Foods guide is called Locande et Osterie d"Italia. It is not cheap and you get get it in English at Amazon or just the "Osteria" guide in Italian when in Italy. Slow Foods has a website but it seemed complicated to find a way to get the guide from them. Odd. I'll see if I can track down a link for you.

Here it is. Got my names backwards it is Osterie et Locande d'Italia:

I'll give them a try. Thanks

Thanks, I'll try them also

I'll see if I can find a copy somewhere.