Komodo Dragons

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<p>In 2011 I would like to visit Komodo - has anyone taken a tour and who do I sign up with and how much is it? </p>

Dr. Cyrus,
I share your interest and may have an idea for you. Are you just interested in Komodo or other nearby islands as well? If you'd like to discuss feel free to PM me.

I just returned from a tour, Isles of East Timor, Komodo & Irian Jaya with Bestway Tours & Safaris. There were just two of us traveling together. We visited both Komodo Island and Rinca. This was the highlight of the whole trip. These animals are awesome to see in their natural habitat. I do not know what that part of the tour cost, but we spent two nights on a boat to go between the islands. Most of the tours leave from Flores, which has a small airport. You might try Pacto which is a tour agency in Sanur, Bali. They arranged all of our tour with Bestway. www.pactoltd.com
Good luck. It's well worth the the effort.