Kutrubes Travel, Boston, MA

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On January 3, 2012, an ITN subscriber posted a query, asking others about their experiences with Kutrubes Travel, with whom he had just taken a trip. The subscriber also wrote to ITN magazine outlining his dissatisfaction with the company. Before deciding whether or not to publish any letter of complaint about a travel firm, ITN gives the company an opportunity to provide a response. ITN began investigating this matter on January 9, corresponding with the subscriber and the company owner. On April 20, the subscriber requested that his posts about Kutrubes Travel be removed from the ITN Message Board. ITN complied with his request. The investigation into the subscriber's complaints about Kutrubes Travel is ongoing, and, depending on the results, further information may be printed in the magazine. At that point, a link will be provided here to whatever is printed. — David Tykol, Editor, ITN

We also received poor service on a trip to Jordan about two years ago. We tried her agency because she was highly recommend on the ITN message board.

I received very poor service on a trip to Albania a couple of years ago. Would never use the company.

Wow, sorry to hear that. That's not good! I am taking a private Jewish Heritage tour to Romania in May. Was going to book it with Kutrubes, but was turned off when I called one morning and a man with a thick, heavy Eastern European accent responded and told me to call back in the afternoon. I didn't think that was a professional way of running a travel business that operates in the same time zone as where I live. I booked with Bucharest-based Compass tours instead, which offers an identical Jewish heritage tour as the one offered by Kutrubes (and which I customized to my specifications to also include sites of general interest that I haven't seen on my two previous trips to Romania, including Huniady Castle, Constanta on the Black Sea, and the Danube Delta). Compass has a good reputation both on this message board and in ITN Magazine so I feel more comfortable with my choice of tour operator than I would have with Kutrubes.

Ada Green (currently in Guizhou Province, China)

I received very sketchy and vague information during a phone conversation with the owner. After searching the ITN message boards, I found so many negative reports on Kutrubes, that I decided to make my trip to Albania with ORIGINAL WORLD. I found the latter company positive, cheerful, very informative and offered many details which I didn't even want or realize that I really needed.