Layover in Dubai

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<p>My wife and I will have a 14 hour layover in Dubai coming up in December.&nbsp;&nbsp;Would anyone have a suggestion as to a hotel that is actually in the airport terminal?</p>

I'm assuming you don't want to go thru passport control, so my response probably won't answer your question, but I used the Premier Inn at the airport. They have a shuttle that either runs hourly or on the 1/2 hour, I don't remember exactly, so it is very convenient. It isn't a luxury hotel by any definition, but for a layover, it's fine. There is a restaurant on site, which wasn't open during the hours of my stay, so I can't comment on the quality of the meals there, but there was a 24 hour coffee bar, which had sandwiches and other snacks. I plan to stay there again on a trip returning from India in November.

Thanks. The Premier is a lot cheaper ans still convenient. How long to get through passport control would you estimate? We're going to India in November, BTW. Jim

I suggest that you consider getting your visa online.  Just Google Dubai or UAE visa online.  That will expedite things for you on arrival.

I didn't know Americans could get online visas for the UAE, I'll have to check it out. I was last in Dubai about 2 years ago and I believe there is a new terminal. That may speed things up. I remember it taking at least an hour, but maybe it just seemed that long.

Be sure to let us know if I'm wrong.  It happens all the time!