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<p>I will be arriving at Heathrow airport around 5pm and leaving the next morning, are there any tours i can take from the airport? Also any info on hotels at the airport and where do you catch the shuttle for them? i remember reading that finding the shuttle buses were difficult.</p><p>Thanks,off again.</p>

I've used the Premier Inn on Bath Road.  It isn't fancy but it was perfectly fine for a one-night stay.  I think it costs in the range of 70 GBP, which makes it good value for London  It also has a restaurant that I enjoyed.  Again, not fancy but satisfying for dinner or breakfast (depending on your flight time).I don't think there's a shuttle service, but it's only about a mile from the airport so a taxi isn't very expensive.  The advantage is that you don't have to find the shuttle departure location and then wait for it to arrive.  And the hotel phoned a taxi for me when I was ready to return to the airport.You can check the Premier Inn website for more information.  Be sure to search for the hotel on Bath Rd. at Heathrow.  I think there's another Premier Inn in the vicinity. 


I always use the Premier Inn on Bath Road the night before my flight back to USa. Clean, comfortable easy bus out front to the airport or get a taxi, and very good price.

An easy trip from Heathrow is Windsor.  I've done it and it is quite easy.  Buses numbers 71 and 77 for  Windsor Castle leave from bus stop 9, outside of Terminal 5.  You buy the ticket from the driver and the cost is  about 6 GBP.  It is about a 40 min. ride.  You can also take a taxi, which is a 20 min. ride from Heathrow.

My wife and I always stay at the Yotel.  It features small, clean, very nice rooms with large shower that you can rent by the hour.Check on line for details.