London England looking for car and guide

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Will be in London and want to visit outlying areas - Stonehenge, Windsor, Cotswold, etc . Looking for a recommendation for a car and guide.

England is so easy. You can do all this yourself. Or go with a group tour, such as American Express or Thomas Cook. A car and driver out of London will be massively expensive. Check this website:
and send an e-mail. Someone there might be able to help.

I agree with DorothyB that hiring a car/driver and a guide would be way expensive. Just the guide would be around $200+ for the day. Your best bet might be to book a day tours with your hotel's concierge. Companies will pick you up and return you to your hotel. If you just want is a car and driver, you can contact one of these companies:
Swift Cars ——
Olympic Cars —-
They usually do airport transfers, but you might be able to hire a car/driver for the day. I have used both of these companies and they are on time and accountable.