Luxembourg 3 or 4 day pre France tour

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Hi Everyone, As I am planning to travel again in the spring or fall 2021 I hope someone can advise me about the following. My husband and I plan to travel with Gate1 to France with Normandy. I would like to add Luxembourg for 3 or 4 days prior to the tour but I am stumped as to how to arrange it. My husband has slight mobility issues so I wish to make this as easy as possible. We want a guide in Luxembourg for a day or 2 if needed. This biggest issue is getting from Paris to Luxembourg and back to Paris by train. I was wondering if we could fly into Luxembourg and just train back to Paris a few days later. So, If anyone has suggestions and a day guide I would greatly appreciate the help!

We have used for trips to/from airports and touring different cities. Here is a link from their website for Luxembourg: can offer you consulting on travel between Paris and Luxembourg. Train might be easier than flying due to check in and security checks.