Malaria protection in Vietnam and Angkor Wat (Cambodia)?

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We have read mixed feelings from previous travelers to Vietnam and Angkor Wat (Cambodia) regarding the need for malaria protection. We will be on a group OAT tour in November and December and are wondering which is riskier: the probability of malaria or the potential side effects of malarone medication? We did opt for typhoid protection.

I would not risk malaria, having lived and traveled in South Asia. I have several drug allergies which may have been a marker for my taking malarone. I have had two incredibly bad reactions to malarone and personally would not take it again. It has never bothered my husband. There is an alternative you can consider: doxycycline. A Physician's Assistant on our trip to Tanzania mentioned that he and his wife take that for malaria protection and I have taken that on our last three trips with no negative side effects. One disadvantage is that you need to continue taking it for 30 days after you leave the malaria area. You should consult with an international travel clinic for advice.