Mexico or Central America

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A planned vacation for the 1st week in March just fell through and we are looking for alternate options. Would like an area with rich cultural experiences, art, history, music, theater or music performances. We are active, love outdoor activities and will be traveling with an adult daughter. Thinking of Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Cuerna Vaca. but are open to other options. Will need a local guide or agency and would appreciate lodging suggestions. Thank you.

I can't comment on Mexico, but I can recommend Central America. My wife and I just returned from a 10 day trip to Costa Rica. The country is safe for tourists and offers
a lot of scenic and cultural experiences.
You would probably be wise to choose a tour, since driving on some of the back roads is not easy. We chose Caravan Tours and we pleased with their offerings.

Had a wonderful 10 day trip to Costa Rica last year, customized by the responsive and helpful staff at Costa Rican Expeditions. Let them know your likes/dislikes and they'll put together a fine visit from start to finish. We particularly liked Tortuguero for bird watching, and the Osa pennisula (La Paloma) for beach, sun, relax and some hiking.

Nancy C

A friend and I plan to fly to Mexico City in June and take first class bus to San Miguel and then other places. What about safety issues to do this?

We are looking into Caravan and it seems like a good fit
for us. Thanks to you all for helping us get this trip going.
The consensus about Costa Rica was very helpful and are looking
forward to the trip. Thanks!