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Does anyone know of a travel company that has bundled land tours with the Star Alliance Micronesia Airpass which allows up to 10 stops in Micronesia? Am hoping to find some sort of package. Thank you.

World Travel, an ITN advertiser, has a Micronesia trip departing Feb 21 that might work for
you. I know they use Continental from/return LAX and for all island stops. Contact Jules Diebenow,
800-899-3370, Ext 650 or go to their website, www.wtbinc.com, for more info.

I think I've seen the tour itinerary that Geoff mentioned. The alternative is to do it on your own. I made Guam my base and flew (on Continental) to and from Palau, to and from Saipan, and then to and from Micronesia (Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap). Since Continental doesn't fly all these routes every day, the trick is to time pick your flights so that you spend as much time as you want on the various islands without getting stuck on any of them for longer than you want. (The flights around Micronesia tend to come and go at odd hours--very late or very early.)

It's easy to book hotels on line and then to make land arrangements through your hotel when you arrive. You can arrange rental cars easily and on the Micronesian islands, it's almost impossible to get lost when there's essentially one road around the island. Or your hotel can fix you up with a car and driver for an island tour, or you can do both: on Yap, I had a morning tour and then kept the car for the afternoon to continue exploring on my own.

For me, two nights and one full day sufficed on Saipan, Guam, Yap, and Kosrae. For Palau and Pohnpei, I'd add an extra night and day. Of course, if you're a diver, you'll want more time on Palau, and depending on where you stay, Yap and Pohnpei are particularly good places for relaxing and doing nothing!

It will depend, I suppose, on how much the tour itinerary appeals to you, and whether you decide that it's good value for the money.

Thank you both for your suggestions -- very helpful -- will look into both avenues.

Hi Joe,

You might try Will McFarland at World of Diving
215 Pier Ave Ste E
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
800-GO-DIVIN' ext. 24
800-463-4846 ext. 24
310-379-0015 office

His office does a lot of work in Micronesia and is very familiar with the various discounts available from the airline.

Good luck!

PS - if you make it to Kosrae, come look us up at Kosrae Village.