Mid-East Tour Company Recommendations

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<p>I am planning to visit the Mid-East/United Arab Emirates (Abu Dubai, Dubai), Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan in January or February 2015. I&#39;m trying to find a <em><strong><u>REALLY GOOD</u> tour company </strong></em>for this trip. I am a single traveler and would like to travel in a small group (16 maximum) and stay in nice comfortable accomodations (4 star if possible).<em><strong> I would appreciate feedback on <u>Original World Journeys</u>, <u>Bestway</u> , <u>Adventures Abroad</u>, any other tour companies AND any other travel advice that you would like to share.&nbsp; <u>MANY THANKS!</u></strong></em></p>

Adventures Abroad was the only company I could find several years ago that offered a tour to all five Gulf states, so I took it.  It's coverage was thorough enough, but the tour didn't live up to my expectations and previous experiences with the company. I've been a fan of AA so my expectations were high.  AA may have tweaked the itinerary since then.As for Jordan, it's not the most obvious fit with the other countries, so you may need to find a separate tour and a connecting flight.If you enter "Adventures Abroad" in this message board's search box, you'll find a friend's comments on the AA tour and my comments on Gulf state visas.

I have been considering the AA Gulf States tour (GS5) for sometime in 2015.  I am interested in specifically what you did not like about the tour.  The have changed it to include 2 days in Bahrain, but I'm not sure if they have tweaked the remainder of the trip.  It is too expensive, if it is not up to their usual standards.Thanks in advance. 

Yes, this tour is expensive, which discouraged me from taking it for several years until I concluded that this was my only option if I wanted to cover all this ground.    I decided that doing it on my own would be very complicated, much slower, and quite possibly just as costly.  Someone on my tour wrote a detailed critique that would be much more useful than my fading memory.  I've asked if it could be posted here, so stay tuned.